One of the best ways to engage visitors and members of your Pyro site is to enable Newsletter feature. Newsletters are emails sent to both subscribers and members of your Pyro site on a regular basis (e.g. weekly, fortnightly, monthly) and helps your users to catch up on the latest contents and also to bring them back to your site. In this document, we'll go through how this works and how you can enable it for your site.
A visitor can subscribe to your Pyro site’s newsletter in two ways. One is by becoming a member, which means the user creates an account on your Pyro site. Another way is subscribing to the newsletter by providing the email address.
Pyro handles all aspects of newsletter including email confirmation steps to make sure you only capture valid addresses, changing the newsletter frequency, and unsubscribing.
To enable newsletters, go to the newsletters settings as shown above image. The first option either enables or disables the newsletters. You may want to turn off the newsletter altogether, so you can do that here.
You can also direct users to a different newsletter signup form other than one provided by Pyro. An example would be a mailchimp newsletter. And when a user clicks on the link, they will be directed to your mailchimp sign up page.
You may also wish to turn off images in the newsletter - we know that some email provides hide images by default.
You can also enable this call-to-action for newsletter subscription. This is a good way to prompt your visitors to sign up for newsletter and it looks like this. This pop-up will appear when the user visits your site for the first time. If they close it, it won’t appear again for 7 days.
You can select how many videos are included in the newsletter - just be mindful that some email provides actually cuts off your email if it’s too long. So be mindful on choosing a big number here.
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