Video curation for your Pyro site

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Pyro is all about displaying the vidoes that you and your community are interested in. Before displaying the videos, we first need to source videos from somewhere. Pyro provides several ways to source videos easily. Let's take a quick look at these options.
1. Via keywords
There are a number of video platforms and if you want to find videos of particular topics from these platforms, you can do a keyword search in Pyro. Pyro will periodically check these platforms and find videos that you would be interested in. To find out more on how this works, please see the documentation on finding videos via keyword search.
2. Via YouTube channels & playlists
The videos that you are interested in may be located within certain channels or playlists. Pyro allows you to find videos from these easily. Please see finding videos via YouTube channels and playlists.
3. Uploading videos directly to Pyro
Pyro also allows you to submit and upload videos directly to your site. Please see uploading videos directly to your Pyro site.
For each of the above options, Pyro has features to help you find the videos that you are interested in. Please read through the documentation carefully so you understand how each works.
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