Finding videos from YouTube channels and playlists

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In addition to finding videos by keywords you can also find videos in YouTube channels and playlists. Before reading this document, please go through finding videos by keywords page to understand how a video sourcing generally works. Most of the available options will be similar for finding videos via YouTube channels and playlists.
First, go to Video Sources in your Pyro Admin Panel and click on + New Video Source and select YouTube channel as shown below.
In the YouTube channel URL, please copy and paste the channel URL (e.g. That's it. The filters available work in exactly the same way as keyword search.
Finding videos from YouTube playlists
Finding videos from a YouTube playlist is very similar to channels. When you select YouTube playlist as the source in the above screenshot, you will also see an text input field where you will need to type in the playlist URL.
You can grab the playlist's URL by simply copying the URL in your browser whenever you are watching a playlist. More importantly, when you are watching a video within a playlist, the URL should contain &list= text. Please make sure you copy & paste the correct playlist URL.
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