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Rather than finding videos from various platforms, Pyro also lets you upload videos directly. You can upload videos as an admin or you can also allow your site's members to submit videos themselves.
Uploading a video as an admin
Go to the videos section of your admin panel and click on the + Add a new video button and you will see the following popup.
Click on the option Upload a video and you will see an option to upload a video directly. Once successfully uploaded, you will see a popup screen as shown below to save other information about the video.
As an admin of the site, your video will be immediately available on your site.
Uploading a video as a member
You can also enable a feature to allow members of your site to submit videos. This option is available in Content Settings within your Admin Panel and and must be turned on as shown below.
Once it's enabled, you can also further set what type of submissions is acceptable for your site. You can allow your members to submit a video link (e.g. YouTube link or direct link to a video file), or allow your members to upload a video file directly.
You can also choose to review & approve the submitted videos. That means, videos submitted will not be visible on your site. As an admin you will receive an email notification when there are un-approved videos, which you can access via videos section of your admin panel to approve or reject.
When the video submission option is enabled, your members will see a blue Submit a video button as shown below. When they click, they will go through the same video submission process as described above.
If you are approving submitted videos, please note that un-approved videos will be automatically deleted after 7 days. Once you approve the video, Pyro will send an email notification to the user letting them know that their video has been approved and is now available on your site.
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