Using a custom domain for your Pyro site
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When you create a site on Pyro, each site receives a unique Pyro sub-domain (e.g. Pyro also lets you use your own domain name if you wish. The instruction for setting up your own domain name is covered in this page. Please note that in order to use your own domain name, you must have access to your domain name registrar's control panel (e.g. GoDaddy or NameCheap).
Adding your own domain name
In your Pyro admin panel, click on Domain under the settings, which will bring up the page as shown below and add your domain name in the text field. Make sure you add only the domain name without http://, https:// or trailing characters. Note that Pyro will automatically enable HTTPS for your custom domain name.
Type in your domain name and click Save and you will see a pop-up message on the right giving you a quick instruction on how to add a CNAME entry to your domain settings (shown below).
Creating a CNAME at your domain registrar
To add a CNAME, please login to your domain registrar's control panel and go to the DNS settings page of your domain and add a CNAME. Below is a screenshot of DNS settings page in GoDaddy.
Once you've completed the above step, it could take several hours before the change takes its effect.
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